donna ruffDonna Ruff grew up in Miami Beach, Florida,
and was an award-winning children’s book illustrator in New York before earning her MFA at Rutgers University in 2000.  Her work with books and graphics may have been genetically determined, since her great-grandfather was a book binder in Russia and her grandparents
were early recyclers of books and paper in Chicago.
She retains an interest in series and reproduction in her work, and often incorporates printmaking in her book objects and installations. Using unconventional techniques to make densely patterned drawings that refer to calligraphy and natural forms, she finds beauty and inspiration in sacred texts such as the Torah and the Qur’an, but also in the New York Times and the Manhattan phone book; in cathedrals, mosques and synagogues, but also in the warehouses of Chicago and Brooklyn.

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2014 Fitzroy Knox Gallery, London14 Art Fair, London First, with Wendy Wolf
2009"Es-tu comme moi?" BravinLee Artist Book Program
"Dialogue" Experimental Space, Juvenal Reis Studios, Long Island City, NY
2007 PVCC Gallery, Charlottesville, VA: ‚"On the Seventh Day"
2005 ArtSPACE New Haven Project Room: "Tempo"
2005 NEXT Gallery, New York, NY: "Garden Journal"
2004 Eldridge Street Project: "Nephesh"
2002 NJ Printmaking Council: "White Pages"
2001 PS 122, New York, NY: Hallway Project
2000 Rutgers University: MFA Thesis Exhibition
1997 Barry University, Miami, FL: "Santa Fe Diaries"


Usable Space Gallery, Milwaukee, WI: "Re(Motivated)"
Seager Gray Gallery, San Francisco: "Art of the Book"
Mesa Contemporary Art Museum, Mesa, AZ :"Fold, Paper, Scissors"
Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe: "All the News That's Fit to Print,"
co-curated with Erin Elder

Hera Gallery,Wakefield, Rhode Island: "Transformed Volumes"
CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles: "My Favorite Things"
Center for Book Arts, New York: "Brother, Can you Spare a Stack"
New Mexico Museum of Art: "Art on the Edge,"
Toby Kamps, curator (purchase award)

Williams Gallery, Lafayette University, Easton, PA: "Booked"
Axle Contemporary, Santa Fe: "CutGlueFold"
Santa Fe Community Gallery: "Odes and Offerings"
Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX: "Director's Choice"

Mass MOCA, North Adams, MA: "An Exchange with Sol Lewitt"
Artworks, Trenton, NJ: "Uncommon Threads"

Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY: "Cut Ups"
Hunterdon Museum, Clinton, NJ: "Fire Works"
McKenzie Fine Art, New York, NY: "Reader's Delight"
John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI: "Speaking Volumes"
Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA: "Unveil"

HP Garcia Gallery, New York, NY: "Black Madonna"
General Store, Sydney, Australia: Print Matters, Salon for Independent Book Art
Center for Book Arts, New York, NY: "Interweaving Textu[r]al Meaning"

"Resistance!" 14th Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium (presenter)
"Information is Not Knowledge" project, Newark, NJ
111 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY: "LOCUS"
Philadelphia Art Alliance: "PAPER[space]"

Bendheim Gallery, Greenwich, CT: "Process"
Druckwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin: “Handgeschopft”

Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University: "Disaster! One Year After"
German Consulate, New York: ‚"Feedback: Artist to Artist"
NJ Print Council: ‚"New Directions"
ALL Gallery, New Haven, CT: "TEXTure"
John Slade Ely House, New Haven, CT: 2006 Invitational
Brooklyn Arts Council: "Making Your Mark"

Rhys Gallery, Boston, MA: "Word of Mouth"
Guilford Art Center, Guilford, CT: "(re)creation"
Ceres Gallery, New York, NY: "Baker's Dozen"
Mill Pond Gallery, St. James, NY: "Women, Words, and Images"
Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: "Project Diversity"
Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: "Babes"
Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield, CT: "Translucence"

Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY: "Qville"
Newartcenter, Newton, MA: "Off the Wall <Rethinking the Print>"
Gallery 402, New York, NY: "The Print Show"
Galerie Klenova, Prague, Czech Republic: 4th International Graphic Triennale (cat.)
Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ: National Print Exhibition
A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY: "Generations.04"
Musee des beaux-arts de la Ville du Locle, Switzerland: "Flying Carpet"
Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, Berlin, Germany: "feedback"

M. Zilinkas Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
Salon Internacional de Gabado y Ediciones de Arte Contemporaneo,
Estampa, Spain (cat.)
Papellon de Cristal del Recinto Ferial de la Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain

Korn Gallery, Drew University: "Kaboom!"
Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ: National Print Exhibition
ExitArt, New York, NY; Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA: "Reactions"
California State University, Fresno, CA : "From Stone and Plate"

Bhopal, India: Bharat Bhavan Fifth International Biennial of Print Art (cat.)
Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin: "Feedback: artists by artists"
Zimmerli Art Museum: "Installed Collections/Collections Installed"
Katonah Art Museum: "breaking the rules, art 2001"
New Jersey Printmaking Council, Center for Visual Arts,
Brookdale Community College: "Humanity" (Johnson & Johnson Purchase Award)
Mattituck Museum: Connecticut Biennial
Mason Gross Art Gallery, Rutgers University: "Paper Trail"
Connecticut Graphic Arts Center: "Paper Works"
College Art Association New York Area Invitational MFA Exhibition
New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts: International Juried Show, Dan Cameron, curator (Award)

Artworks, Trenton, NJ: "Innovations in Contemporary Printmaking" (Award)
Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ: National Print Exhibition

Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT: "Art and Language"
Pound Ridge, New York: "Small Pleasures"
"Corners of the Earth," Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University

Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT "No England No Amsterdam," Kenny Schachter, curator
New Haven Paint and Clay Annual Juried Exhibit, New Haven, CT
Connecticut Graphic Arts Center, Norwalk, CT

Drawing Center
Pierogi Flatfiles
Kentler International Drawing Space

PS 122 Studio Recipient
Curatorial Opportunity Grant, Newartcenter, Newton, MA
Eldridge Street Project, New York, NY
Manhattan Graphics Center Scholarship Grant
Vermont Studio Center Fellowship
Rutgers University Research Grant
Purchase Award, Artworks
Johnson & Johnson Purchase Award
Santa Fe Art Institute Residency Grant


Mason Gross Art Gallery, Rutgers University;
Massachusetts College of Art;
Rhode Island School of Design;
Maryland Institute, College of Art:
"Y2K: Creative Moves into the 21st Century"
Columbia College, Chicago, IL;
SUNY College, Buffalo, NY;
Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking, Atlanta, GA;
Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C.:
"National Collegiate Handmade Paper Show."

Escape 2 Create, Seaside, Florida (upcoming)
Tamarind Institute
Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Vermont Studio Center
Santa Fe Art Institute

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